Sit for a moment. Take a deep breath.

These are not things people who work in politics, policy, or the law often do. Or at least they’re certainly not things I do often or well. We are the ones who are leading crisis after crisis, demanding action and accountability, making good on our promises, focusing on what is next on the horizon or how we can do better. And for me, it has meant rushing and rushing … driving too fast on I-80 from Oakland to Sacramento — racing to the State Capitol or the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services…

The Senate just passed a bipartisan funding bill to fight Zika, a critical first step to protect public health and ultimately save lives.

But the House passed a bill that was wholly inadequate to deal with the crisis at hand. It’s time for the House to step up and pass the Senate’s bipartisan bill — and there’s no time to waste.

The virus, linked to devastating birth defects, has wreaked havoc across South and Central America. Now it’s on American soil — and it will reach the continental U.S. by June or July. More than 1,200 Americans are known to…

Hillary’s recent comments about charter school equity and inclusion have sparked a conversation about America’s public schools. It’s an important debate — one we should be having — for our kids’ futures and for our country’s future.

So let’s cut right to the chase: For decades, Hillary Clinton has been a strong supporter of both public charter schools and an unflinching advocate for traditional public schools, their teachers and their students. She knows that all public schools play a role in providing pathways for every child to live up to their potential. This isn’t anything new. …

Ann O’Leary — Senior Policy Advisor, Hillary For America

With all of their talk about tax cuts for the super rich, defunding Planned Parenthood, comparing immigrants to FedEx packages, and questioning whether a Muslim could ever be President, it’s pretty clear that the Republican Party is at a loss for new ideas.

As a party, they’ve been pushing the same top-down policies for the last 30 years. And in the face of the economic realities where the middle class is struggling to get ahead and stay ahead, they’ve failed to adjust the sails. Instead, they’ve put out more of their usual tired stuff, except now with new branding at…

How Hillary Clinton Would Prevent It.

Ann O’Leary — Senior Policy Advisor to Hillary Clinton

You have a pill. The pill costs $13.50 per tablet. You wake up the next morning, and that pill costs $750 per tablet.

Sound like a nightmare? It literally just happened.

In short, a company called Turing purchased a 62-year-old drug used most frequently as therapy for HIV patients. Then, over-night, they ratcheted the price up by more than 5550%, more or less because they could.

Martin Shkreli, the man who runs Turing, said that the drug is used infrequently and that the money earned from the price hike would go toward developing new drugs for toxoplasmosis. …

Ann O'Leary

Fighter for kids & families with @HillaryClinton; co-founder of soon-to-launch Opportunity Institute; lawyer, policy wonk, wife, mom, & avid outdoor runner.

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